CVUMC is a faith community that welcomes all persons to celebrate their love of God and their birthright as children of God. We affirm Jesus' example of love without exclusion. We welcome into the life and ministry of CVUMC all persons of every race, ethnicity, age, faith history, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, marital status, family configuration, and physical and mental ability. We believe that a diverse community makes our faith stronger, our spirituality deeper, and our service more helpful. 


Phone: 818-249-6173

Fax: 818-249-6174


2700 Montrose Ave
Montrose, CA 91020

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About Jesus:

We are Christ-centered, understanding the Son of God to have been a gentle healer, an incisive teacher, a loving friend, and a radical prophet. Jesus is intent on showing us that God desires us to care for one another in a world in which everyone has enough to eat, a safe place to live, and opportunities to grow our unique, God-given gifts. We seek the holy boldness of Jesus Christ who went to his death on the cross and rose again so that we are sustained by a deep assurance that Good will ultimately triumph over Evil in all of its forms.

About the Bible:

We believe that the Bible reveals God, and it is our starting point for every sermon and every action. We delight in many ways in which the Holy Word is revealed, for the Bible contains not only books of law, but many, many stories of grace and second chances. It expresses truth through poetry and songs, prayers and wise sayings, the stories of kings who succeeded and kings who failed. The prophets call out through the centuries warning us to pay attention to what happens in our world, particularly to the least and the last. There are stories of men and women a lot like you and me, who sometimes stumble and sometimes leap in the search for God.

About God:

The Bible reveals God, but not all of God, for how can the awesomeness of God be contained in a single book? God continues to reveal Godself, and we rejoice in every opportunity to know God better through our lived experiences of grace and love.

About the Holy Spirit:

We are convinced and convicted by the ever-hovering Holy Spirit who whizzes unexpectedly through our lives, lighting us up for work that we would have thought beyond us had we not been called by God to do it.

About the church in the world:

Because we understand Christ's bold message to be one of radical inclusion and earth-transforming love, we believe that the faith community must engage the world in which we live. In concert with many other faith-based organizations locally and around the world, we act for positive solutions to conflict; generous, constructive solutions to poverty; and thoughtful measures to save the water, land, and air that God created.