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For Methodist-Catholic Families:

In our small-to-medium sized church, we have over 15 Methodist-Catholic families. God must have a plan for our church to be a place where Christian unity is explored and lived out. We have been delighted to discover that our relatively new conversation is preceded by decades of Catholic-Methodist dialogue on a wide variety of theological issues, and all of these conversations are convened with an intent to witness to unity in Christ. Wherever there is commonality, our leaders and scholars have named that hopefully, and where there is difference, each dialogue partner has invited the other to explore more fully the goodness and holiness of the divergent belief or practice.


Here are some links to recent documents that may be helpful:

Catholics, Methodists and Lutherans Agree on Salvation by Grace

Catholics and Methodists Reflect on the Church: Decades of dialogue have brought us into unity on a wide variety of theological questions

Methodists and Catholics Come Together to Discuss a Shared Concern for the Environment

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