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Our women’s ministries are connected to the larger legacy and ministry of the United Methodist Women. The legacy is one of “agitation” for justice, which we see at our church in various forms: awareness-raising around fair trade coffee and crafts, support for an excellent public school education for all kids, and advocacy around policies that will end hunger in the U.S.

Our UMW women are part of an international, historical movement of women in the Methodist Church. Women have remained at the forefront of mission and ministry for over 135 years. (You can find out a lot about the movement at Our UMW meets quarterly.


The CVUMC women faithfully participate in missions training and funding. Recent regional training have included a study of Israeli-Palestinian issues and another on peace traditions in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. They also participate in a Reading Program that includes books about Social Action, Spiritual Growth, Nurturing For Community, Leadership, and Missions. For the second time, we hold the banner for highest percentage of readers in the North District. Fair Trade Olive Oil from Palestine will be available for Christmas gifts. An introduction to fair trade coffee is leading our church into a commitment to serve products that help coffee farmers invest locally in their businesses, families, and communities.


The CVUMC women have successfully connected our entire congregation to the Learning Works! Charter School in Pasadena. The school helps at-risk young people finish high school and find their footing. Our outreach is to teen moms trying to finish school with babies and jobs.

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